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 +WebCamMax –
 +Fairly cheap software that will allow you to add subtitles, pictures, videos and video screenshots (a selected area of your computer screen) to your video signal.
 +Costs $30 (about £16), but comes with 30-day free trial.
 +Stickam –
 +This is the website that will take your video signal and route it to other computers.
 +VLC media Player –​vlc
 +I use this video player in combination with the screenshot feature on WebCamMax to play videos as it is able to play a larger variety of videos that have been encoded using different codecs (e.g. Quicktime, DivX, avi, Windows Media etc.)
 +Blogger –
 +One of many websites that offer free webspace which I’ve used to embed the code of the video player in order to provide a link that people can follow in order to view my video signal.
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