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-====== Welcome ====== 
-**The Electron Club is a voluntary run space where people interested in things like Free Open Source Software, DIY culture, circuit bending, hardware hacking, streaming, audio and video editing, green technologies,​ and amateur radio can meet, use equipment, and share and disseminate their skills and ideas.**  +====== The Electron Club is currently closed until further notice ​======
- +
-**We encourage an attitude towards technology, media and DIY production that recognises the relation of these to society and the environment. The Electron Club welcomes debate and the development of practices that question and explore existing and new ways of working and understanding these.** +
- +
-**The space also provides a location that not-for-profit community and discussion groups can use at no charge for meetings and to develop projects.** +
- +
-**If you any questions about the space, want to book it for your own use, or join one of our workshops, you can contact us [[Contact | here]].** +
- +
-**All are welcome.** +
- +
-{{gallery>​gallery?​random?​nocache&​=2&​300x300}} +
- +
-====== Upcoming Events ​ ====== +
- +
-Below is a list of events scheduled within the next 30 days. Certain events have their own listing in the [[events|events section]]. The information is taken from our [[howto:​calendar|calendar]],​ and is also available as an [[http://​​rss.php|rss]] feed. More information about regular [[groups:​|groups]] can be found within the [[groups:​|groups]] section of the site. +
- +
-<​sql>​select  +
-from_unixtime( floor(start_time),​ '​%d/​%m/​%Y @ %H:​%i'​) as Event_Date,​ +
-name as "Event Name",​ +
-description as "​Description",​ +
-concat('<​a href="​http://​​calendar/​view_entry.php?​id=',​ id, '"​ target="​_blank">​Click here</​a>'​) as "​Link",​ +
-CASE  +
-  WHEN status = '​0'​ THEN '​Confirmed'​ +
-  WHEN status = '​4'​ THEN '​Tentative'​ +
-END as "​Booking Status"​ +
-from mrbs_entry +
-where from_unixtime( floor(start_time)) >= curdate() +
-and from_unixtime( floor(start_time)) < curdate() + interval 30 day +
-and upper( description ) not like "%CCA BUILDING CLOSED%"​ +
-order by start_time ;</​sql>​ +
- +
-====== Where to find us ====== +
- +
- +
-The Electron Club is based in the [[http://​​ | Centre for Contemporary Arts]]: +
- +
-CCA,\\  +
-350 Sauchiehall Street\\  +
-Glasgow +
- +
-[[http://​​map=18/​55.86596/​-4.26599| CCA on OpenStreetMap]] - [[https://​​maps?​q=cca,​+glasgow&​hl=en&ll=55.865735,​-4.264986&​spn=0.000777,​0.002411&​geocode=+&​hq=cca,​+glasgow&​t=h&​z=19| CCA on Google Maps]]\\  +
- +
-See the CCA website for [[http://​​programme | opening hours]] or check the [[http://​​calendar/​ | calendar]] for Electron club related meeting/​event times. +
- +
-====== Who we are ====== +
- +
- +
-Lots of different people are involved in the Electron Club. You can get involved as an individual or as part of a group. One of our main features over the years is in providing a free space for not-for-profit and voluntary groups involved in areas related to DIY technology, community media and environmental activities to meet and develop work.  +
- +
-There are a number of groups who meet on a regular basis and others who meet on a more occasional basis or for specific projects. See the [[groups]] section for more information. +
- +
-Individuals are also welcome to join and use the facilities for their own projects, and many of our current members are just such people pursuing their own projects and hobbies. +
- +
-====== What is Free Open Source Software, etc? ====== +
- +
-To learn more about that these things are have a look at some of the articles in our [[onlinelibrary | online library]] or come along to an event or project and see for yourself. +
- +
-You can also listen to this audio interview made by Electron Club member Bob speaking to Simon and Ben:  +
- +
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