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All events run in the Electron club are free, anyone can attend the vast majority of them. A list of upcoming events can be found in the [[|calendar]]. Special events happen periodically, and will be advertised here, on the front page of the web site and on our [[join|members mailing list]].

Members can [[howto:calendar|book the space]] to host their own events.

Upcoming events

Here you can find entries for events which have their own page. If you are running an event please feel free to create a page for it within the events section. Also of interest is this [[events:30dayfeed|page]], listing all events planned within the next 30 days.

Stay tuned for news of our [[projects:welcome|CNC Build]].

Past events

Recent special events include [[events:Say Hi to Tux: A Gentle Introduction to Linux|Say Hi to Tux: A Gentle Introduction to Linux]], the [[events:10th Anniversary|10th Anniversary get-together]] and the [[events:MicrocontrollersandEmbedded systems|Microcontrollers and embedded systems]] hackathon.

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