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Booking Events on the Calendar

The booking system and list of events is :

If you have any questions regarding the room usage and booking procedure please email the members list or contact us.

All Electron Club Members may book the room, the what_is_the_electron_club page gives an overview of what the space can be used for. Regarding signing the key in and out, please follow the procedure outlined in Workshops and Classes.

To make a booking you need an account in the booking system, if you don't have an account please request one. The account is so that people can see who made the booking and can contact them if necessary. You should not share your account details with anyone else.

While any number of people associated with a group that uses the room may have an account, groups may find it easier to nominate a specific person do manage their bookings. This can help avoid situations where everyone thinks someone else made the room booking

  1. To login to the booking system click the login button in the top right
  2. Enter your username and password then click login
  3. Use the calendar views in the top to navigate to view the day you are interested in
  4. If the room is free you can add a booking. as you mouse over the calendar to unbooked periods the area under your mouse will turn pink. to make a booking you then click on the desired time period. in the next stage you can fine tune the booking time
  5. You will now be presented with a form to fill in describing your booking and the time it is form
    1. The Brief description and Group booked by fields are compulsory however it is very helpful to other members and potential attendees to fill in the Full description to let people know in more detail what the event is
    2. When filling in the description it's important that the listing makes sense to everyone. If you use acronyms should be explained. Ensure the description makes sense to someone who knows nothing about your group.
    3. The Name of Group making the booking field should be completed with the name of the group making the booking not the name of the person making the booking. Ensure you include a link to your group page in the description. To create a groups page follow this guide.
    4. The Start and End fields are used to specify the start and end of the booking
    5. The Type of bookings is normally “internal”
    6. If the event is provisional set the Confirmation status to Tentative, you can then update it later
    7. If the booking is one off leave the Repeat type as none, other wise select the appropriate repeat type and “Repeat end date”. If your event repeat pattern is a bit more complicated such as 1st and 3rd Monday of each month unfortunatly you will need to create seperate events to repeat monthly for the 1st week and then another for the 3rd
    8. Then click save

An email about the booking will now be automatically sent to the members mailing list, please feel free to send a more descriptive email to the mailing list to invite other members along.

If you need to edit a booking you have created

  1. Click on the event title in the green box
  2. You will then be shown details of the booking and at the bottom there are options to Edit entry or Delete Entry the event
  3. If the booking was repeating you have the option to edit all of the repeating series or just the one booking such as to delete one over christmas when you aren't meeting.

Further information can be found in the booking system's help section.

How do I change my password?

Follow these steps to change your calendar system password:

  1. Login to the calendar as normal.
  2. At the top right it displays your name, a 'Log out' button and a link titled 'User List'. Click 'User List'.
  3. Find yourself on the user list either by searching or scrolling through the pages. Once you find your username click it.
  4. This will present the 'Edit User' section where you can change your password.

Please note, you can only change your own password.

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