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CNC Machine

Recently we had someone contact us via the website to very kindly donate various tools and components. A volunteer collected the donation, which contained among other useful things some stepper motors. A good friend very kindly donated the shell of a CNC machine:

Further to this we have:

  • A suitable power supply (donated by Kenny D)
  • An arduino mega, ramps board and various stepper drivers (donated by Martin McG)
  • BeagleBone Black plus Probotix PBX-BB board, kindly donated by Anderw B.

A CNC machine will allow people to build things in the Electron club, for example circuit boards cut from copper plate, among other things. This video is a reasonable primer on the subject.

The current plan is to hold an event on a Saturday were we put all this together to build a CNC machine. Initially for testing purposes we'll have a pen so it will draw things. The remainder of the components required should be in the room, somewhere. Later we'll figure out which route to go for drilling (dremel, brushless spindle etc).

The details of when this will happen are pending, please watch this space and the mailing list.

Should you have any questions, or wish to donate related equipment please contact us.

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