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If you need help with:

  • Using or editing the website
  • Using the mailing list or managing your subescription
  • Using the calendar/room booking system
  • Accessing our IRC channel

Please read the guides listed below. If you still have a problem to report please be specific. Problem reports without any details tend to absorb an unnecessary amount of time. Before asking for help please take the time to read and understand this guide for [[|asking questions the smart way]]. Then feel free to [[contact|contact]] us with your detailed question.

If you have a question rather than a request for help please [[contact|contact us]].

About the Electron Club

What is the Electron Club - what we do, what we don't do and how to get involved

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Info for members

mailinglist - how to send a message to the mailing list & general usage tips

calendar - how to book events on the online calendar

How to change my calendar account password

create a group - how to create a group page

irc - how to use the Electron Club IRC channel

workshops and classes - notes on running workshops and classes at the Electron Club

Workshop handouts and guides

freevideo - a list of resources for Free Open Source Software based video tools

communitytv - a simple guide to creating an online streaming TV channel

podcasting - a guide to creating and distributing your own podcasts

beamlab - resources for small-scale robotics

Online Library - links to various articles and resources for Free Open Source Software, circuit bending, environmental technology and other Electron Club related stuff

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