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What are the facilities available?

Currently there is a Linux workstation running [[ | Ubuntu]]. Soon we hope to offer basic electronics facilities e.g. a work area for soldering too.

Do I have to pay to use the facilities?

No. Use of the room is free of charge, However we do ask everyone using the club to be generously spirited in terms of helping and encouraging fellow members in activities where possible. Also, although room and computers are free of charge, you may need to provide your own portable media (e.g. blank CD Roms) and other consumables and your own pair of headphones if you are doing audio work. There is a Jessops nearby on Sauchiehall street.

What does CCA mean?

Centre for Contemporary Arts.

Where is the CCA ?

The CCA is at 350 Sauchiehall Street. Sauchiehall Street is one of the main shopping streets in Glasgow running from the top of Buchanan Street (by the concert hall) towards the West End. CCA is situated between Glasgow School of Art and the Dental Hospital. Here's their website: [[]]

I am not an artist, can I still join the club?

Yes, most definitely. The Electron Club is a place for all sorts of people interested in creative, experimental and educational uses of technology.

I don't know anything about computers or electronics, but would like to learn, is the club for me?

Yes you are most definitely very welcome too. Knowledge, experiences and ideas from non-technologist specialists make the club a much more interesting place! Many more experienced members will be able to informally share skills and assist those less knowledge-able. We are also looking at how best to provide special introductory sessions. Why not drop a line to info 'at' to say what you are interested in learning about?

What is not allowed?

Smoking, drinking, gambling, pornography, party political campaigning, illegal (pirate) software, duplication of copyrighted materials, leaving the facilities in an untidy state, anything life threatening, anything disruptive to the rest of CCA and Garnethill generally, being disruptive/discourteous to other members.

How do I become a member ?

Membership is free. Please read and understand the information displayed in [[join|Join]]. They also have to provide some proof of address, or other I.D., in order to be able to pick up keys. If you have any questions regarding membership please [[contact|contact us]].

How do I get into the room?

A list of members will be kept at CCA box office/reception downstairs. Members will bring some proof of identification and sign for and collect keys to the club from CCA reception. Members will also need to sign in and out of the building for fire regulation & security purposes, so please remember to sign out and return the keys when you leave!. Do not pass the keys on to someone else after you have finished using the space.

Do I have to become a member?

If you are just attending occassional activities organised by others, then you don't need to become a member. You can ignore the question above about collecting keys.

More information can be found on the [[Join | Join Electron Club]] page.

When can I use it?

The club will be open every day except Sundays. Members will be able to book sessions using an online calendar. More details soon.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, the CCA is fully wheelchair accessible. The side door on Scott Street leads on directly on the first floor where the Electron Club is situated or if you want to avoid a steep hill, there is an elevator just behind the main entrance.

Is the Electron Club an internet cafe?

No. There are free public internet points in nearly every Glasgow library - the nearest being GOMA, Queen Street and The Mitchell Library, Berkely Street. With slightly longer opening hours there is a commercial internet cafe on Saint Vincent Street, near George Square. There are also free WiFi and internet access points in the main CCA cafe.

Some of the answers to these FAQs suck! How can I suggest changes ?

Some of the rules are not negotiable because there are either conditions from the landlord and/or the law of the land. Otherwise, it is hoped that Electron Club can function and evolve in a way that is responsive to the needs of its members and the wider Glasgow community. So suggestions and offers of support are very welcome.

How can I find out more or stay updated with developments?

Please send an email to info 'at' .. If you don't have an email address you can write to or leave a note at CCA reception marked Electron Club.

Who is involved so far?

Lots of different people are involved in the Electron Club. You can get involved as an individual or as part of a group. One of our main features over the years is in providing a free space for not-for-profit and voluntary groups involved in areas related to DIY technology, community media and environmental activities to meet and develop work.

There are a number of groups who meet on a regular basis and others who meet on a more occasional basis or for specific projects. See the [[groups]] section for more information.

Individuals are also welcome to join and use the facilities for their own projects, and many of our current members are just such people pursuing their own projects and hobbies.

A number of people and organisations have kindly donated various pieces of equipment and resources to the Electron Club. We would not be able to run the space without their help.

If you have any unused equipment that you think may be of use to the Electron Club, please contact us at and let us know.

Thankyou to:

CCA Ben Dembroski Paul Drake of ScotLUG Gair Dunlop New Media Scotland Dan Norton Sandy Smith

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