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BRIDGE Project

The Bridge website aims to do two things. One is to create information and networking capabilities useful to people in the community. The other is to create and encourage events where people can meet up to discuss and enjoy community life.

The Bridge Idea. To develop a portal to connect and cross-reference groups, campaigns and activities so as to increase exposure to what's going on out there. We want to build a web site that will be the first place folk will look to see if what they are about to do is already being done

The Bridge is like a filing cabinet of ideas. Something folk can dip into for some information to get inspired as well as deeper analytical material. Using computers effectively at a basic level will also have a place with more advanced techniques - encouraging a sliding scale of interest and experience

No matter what part of the country you stay in you could have a link on Bridge to feed in information, what you do, what your up to, or what your group is about.

A Bridge calender to help coordinate grass roots activity A network to create joint events and coordinate actions. Finding common ground and cooperating in the doable and linking what we each do best and sharing these skills and experiences with others.

Creating a national network to cross reference these activities.

The main activity of the Bridge website, will be helping to encourage connectivity. Although we hope to create a substantial body of useful and well researched information, we also need to be broad enough to suit all who wish to participate.

Why another (community created) website?

While there are many sites on the Internet dealing in various topics (political, environmental, community based) reaching a specific audience. In comparison, there are very few dealing in connectivity. What I mean by connectivity here, is not just connecting groupswith the same interests but also connecting a wide variation ofsubject matter and people, that could be used to develop a more wider and “interactive” movement for change.

What BRIDGE will be concentrating on is using and linking up the best features we can find from other sites and information outlets. So we are seeking folk interested in developing the site, or parts of the site, to produce an information portal, that people will really want to use and connect to.

This project is not in receipt of grants or funding and relies on Common Good.

  • Have you ever wished you were better informed?
  • What are we doing that's good and what's not so good
  • How do we develop and share what were good at
  • How do we communicate and find information and get started
  • How do we work more effectively and spend less time on computers
  • How do we connect issues through the experience of ordinary people o
  • How do we best assemble the history of what is and has happened
  • How do we convert the tools of distraction to meet our own ends
  • How do we encourage working class community journalism, film making, broadcasting, graphics, propaganda
  • How do we broaden the base of working class activity and highlight the brilliant work that is happening all over the country

website: [[]]

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