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Welcome to Glasgow Make Some Noise!

The Synth Building Community based on the West Coast of Scotland.

The program is split into 4 Series to cater for all abilities, plus two additional events:

[Intro] Want to build your first analogue synth for under £10? Come along and learn how easy it is to get started. You’ll be provided with a kit containing all the parts you need to get going. You’ll need to bring a 9 volt battery. Booking Info.

[Kit Build] This series is all about building a modular synth, one module at a time. You’ll be provided with a kit containing all the parts you need, plus full instructions and help using test equipment. Prices are published below. Kit Build sessions will need to be paid for in advance via PayPal. Booking Info.

[Learning] Want to know more about what’s going on? Come along and learn about the various electronic components that make up analogue synths and learn how to construct a rack and panels to keep everything in.

[Electronotes] This is the advanced stuff. Electronotes are a series of newsletters published by Bernie Hutchins since 1972. They are a treasure trove of circuit designs. This series will work through the Preferred Circuits publication. A solid understanding of electronics is required.

[Social] Forget the geeky stuff and party! The aim of the socials is to attend a gig or event which has some sort of cultural significance to electronic music. You’ll need to sort out your own tickets.

[Synth Meet] Time to show it all off! More “oohing” and “ahhhing” than a baby and toddler group. Bring along your awesome creations and MAKE SOME NOISE!

The program of events can be found and booked (if required) via the [[|Glasgow make some noise homepage]].

Homepage: [[]]

FaceBook Group: [[]]

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