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How to create a group

Please follow the steps below to create a group.

If you don't have an account for the wiki, follow [[|this link]] to create one.

  • To keep this guide visible open the groups page in a new tab/window
  • Click the 'Edit this page' link from the right hand side, e.g. Edit this page
  • Scroll down the editor until you find a section titled 'Create your own group', this is only visible in edit mode.
  • Follow those instructions, essentially copy the line below:
[[groups:EnterGroupNameHere]]** - short description of your group   
  • Paste this into groups page above the line that reads:
/* Add new groups above this placeholder */
  • Replace 'EnterGroupNameHere' with the name of your group
  • Replace 'short description of your group' with a short description of your group
  • Click 'Preview', once the page has refreshed, scroll down to make sure everything looks as you expect
  • If not edit and preview until you are happy with the results
  • Click the 'Save' button and the page will refresh with your shiny new link on display
  • You'll notice the link is red, click the link and you'll be taken to a page which reads:

  • At this point click the 'Create this page' link, which is almost identical to the 'Edit this page' link illustrated above.
  • A new edit window will be opened with a template. Replace the place holder text with something sensible
    • Where applicable explain any acronyms
    • Be descriptive. Assume that the reader knows nothing about your group or it's activities.
    • If available please provide a link to your website/web presence.
    • Adding some form of contact detail (email address) is very useful and saves us, the CCA and potential attendees a lot of time.
  • As above, edit/preview until you are happy with the results, then click save.

If you run into any problems please [[:contact|contact us]].

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