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This guide explains how to access and alter the settings for your Electron Club mailing list account.

1.) go to the appropriate admin page for the mailing list.

To alter settings for the 'announce' list go to:

To alter settings for the 'members' list go to:

The rest of the instructions are based on the 'members' list but apply to both.

2.) scroll to the bottom of the page where it says: <blockquote> To unsubscribe from members, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address: </blockquote> enter you email address in the box and click the button labeled 'Unsubscribe or edit options'.

3.) this will take you to a new page where you have 3 options: #If you want to change your settings enter your mailing list password in the first box and click the button labeled 'Log in'. #If you have forgotten or are unsure of your password, scroll to the third option, 'Password reminder', and click the button labeled 'Remind'. You will be sent the password in an automated email - this may take several minutes to arrive. #If you wish to leave the mailing list completely, click the button labeled 'Unsubscribe'. You will be sent an automated email which you must confirm in order to fully unsubscribe, please note that you need to unsubscribe from both lists, 'announce' and 'members', separately.

4.) if you have logged in you will now go a new page, where you have various options. Scroll down to the section headed 'Your members Subscription Options', about half-way down the page. The first two are the key ones: #Mail delivery: if you are going away on holiday, or just need to stop getting emails for a while but don't want to unsubscribe, then disabling this will stop messages being sent to you but keep you on the mailing list. When you come back from holiday, or things ease up and you want to re-activate the message, just enable this option. The 'Set globally' option allows you to apply this to all mailing lists you have with the Electron Club. If you have logged in to your 'members' list account then selecting this will apply the new setting to the 'announce list as well. #Set Digest Mode: if you want to reduce the number of emails you get, setting this option to on will combine the messages on the list into one, and reduce the number of emails you get per day. You will get an average of just one a day when it is busy or one or two a week when the mailing list is quiet. set the option to off to go back to getting each message as it is sent. Note that you have to set the digest mode separately for each mailing list.

5.) If you have a look over this page you will see various other options. For example, if you want to change the email address that you are subscribed from on this list you can do that here.

6.) Once you have made the changes you want, go to the bottom of the page and click the button labeled 'Submit My Changes'. You must do this for the changes to take effect. If you want to cancel the changes, or are just having a look at things, go to the top of the page and click the button labeled 'Log out'.

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