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= Workshops =

'Kino workshop'

Wednesday 7th February 2007, starting at 7.30pm

admission free - no booking required

This will give a hands-on introduction to working with Kino, a simple-to-use video editing tool for Linux, and FFMPEG, a tool for converting between video formats and many more deeply useful things.

= Resources =

Information and links related to Free Software video tools and related projects.


Kino - simple but effective editing and DV capture tool: Kino tutorial: Cinelerra: Cinelerra manual and tutorials: Lives: Avidemux: General tutorial: 'Utilities' FFMPEG - video format conversion and frame extraction, etc:, Transcode - video format converter: mencoder - converter and encoder:,, dvgrab - command line DV video grab tool: 'Players' mplayer: xine: VLC: 'Streaming' Video Lan - server: Ogg Theora - codec: Icecast - server: Streaming MPEG-4 with Linux - artcle: FFMPEG streaming howto - artcle: Peercasting: 'Animation and motion graphics' Jahshaka: Synfig: Blender: Basic Motion Graphics with Python: 'Live performance' Fluxus: Packet Forth: PD Network Video Loop: Collaborative Streaming Performance: 'Resources and projects' FLOSS Manuals: Re-Transmission: Clear Channel: Dyne: Pure:Dyne:

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