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Electron Club has an IRC channel #electronclub at

It was created as a resource for discussing workshops, code, projects, networking, electronics and anything interesting really.

IRC, in case you didn't know, stands for Internet Relay Chat and is basically another way of communicating in real time with other people. It's mostly used by software developers and other geeks who like to hang out online without using msn/gmail/yahoo etc.

The history of IRC can be found [[|here]] and the [[|IRC wikipedia entry]].

To use IRC, you can use a [[|web client]] or download and install an IRC client on your computer.

On linux/unix/bsd I always use [[|irssi]]

For windows you can use For OS X Colloquy is a user friendly IRC client, free under GPL. Other mac options are (download here) under GPL or as 30day shareware Once installed, you just tell it to connect to Then you just join #electronclub and you should be there… Each of these links above have excellent documentation on how to install and use the client, if your still struggling, this page has really basic instructions on how to get started If you still need help, just email the list

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