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How to send a message to the mailing list

Existing members can send emails to the members mailing list. To do so simply send an email to Some points to note:

Don't use previous message to the list as a template for a new message. The mailing list software embeds data in the messages that you won't see, but this is used to maintain thread order, among other things. This is important for several reasons, including maintaining readability and consistency for members using digest mode or those browsing the archives. **Don't reply to an existing thread to create a new topic or ask an off topic question**. Just send an email to the address above.

Some members opt to receive emails in digest mode (a single email, once a day if the list is experiencing a high volume of messages) rather than the default (which is to receive one email per message to the list). Please be patient when asking for a reply.

An alternative to digest mode would be to create a rule in your mail client to filter the emails generated by the list.

Historically people ignoring the emails has resulted in their disappointment/inconvenience on their part, for example when the space has become unavailable for one reason or another when they have the room booked.

Recover your mailing list password or Unsubscribe

If you have forgotten your password for accessing the mailing list or wish to unsubscribe please follow the instructions [[|here]].

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