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= Workshop =

'When? ' Wednesday 10th January 2007, 7:00pm in the Electron Club space at the [ CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow].

'What? ' A hands-on introduction to creating and publishing your own podcasts. Podcasting is a system for distributing audio content over the internet. This workshop will take people through the process of creating and formatting audio for podcasts using the Free Software tool Audacity, putting your podcast online, and publicising it through RSS feeds. The workshop leaders will be happy to answer questions, explain the jargon and discuss issues of copyright and 'open content' publishing.

'Who?' It is presented by two practitioners experienced with podcasting and online distribution, John Harris and Michelle Kasprzak. All are welcome and admission is free.

= Resources =

'Audio editing software'

Audacity (free): tutorial: 'RSS' Feedburner: 'Favourite podcasts' Add your favourites here! 'Course Notes' The full course notes that were given out at the workshop are available here: 'Podcasting workshop'

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